Historical Places to Visit in İstanbul

There are many places to visit as a tourist in Istanbul. The most populated city of Europe has
many historical and natural beauties. In this article, we suggest two historical places you should visit
from the Ottoman and Byzantine era. As it is widely known, İstanbul was the capital of the Byzantine
Empire and the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years. You can see the remnants from these two great
empires in the different places of the city. All you need to do is to take a tour in the city. If you want to
share photos or videos of this great city, İstanbul, you need a Wi-Fi connection. You can rent a mobile
Wi-Fi device in Turkey easily. Wifitr.com is a popular address to rent mobile hotspot. Now, let’s have a
look at the some of the historical places in İstanbul.

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)

This beautiful mosque is the most popular mosque of İstanbul among the tourists. The mosque
was built in the reign of Sultan Ahmet I of the Ottoman Empire. The construction began in 1609 and
finished in 1616 according to historical resources. It has six minarets. The mosque gets the nickname of
‘’Blue mosque’’ from the interior decoration. There are tens of thousands of İznik tiles in the mosque.
They give a blue colour effect of the interior decoration of the mosque. It is known as the greatest
achievement of the Ottoman Empire and the great architecture Sinan. If you want to enjoy the great
atmosphere, we advise you visit the mosque at dusk to hear the echoes of the call to prayer in the
mosque. In the neighborhood of the Blue Mosque, there is Arasta Bazaar. It is a great palace for buying
handmade souvenirs for your loved ones. Even if you do not want to buy anything, you should visit the
place to see the Mosaic Museum which is between the Arasta Bazaar and the Blue Mosque. It is a small
museum but you can see a 250-square-meter fragment of mosaic pavement.

The Hippodrome

As we said above, İstanbul also has remnants of Roman Empire. The Hippodrome was built in
AD 330 in the reign of Constantine the Great. It was the center of public life in the Byzantine era. It was
home to chariot races. Today, there is nothing much to see from the Hippodrome. However, you can
still see the small section of the gallery walls. However, you can see three monuments. If you need
internet connection while taking your tour in the Hippodrome area, you can use a mobile Wi-Fi device.
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