Places to Visit in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is an amazing natural wonder that you must see if you visit Turkey. The world’s
purest white travertines are in Pamukkale. You can not see anything like that anywhere in the world.
Although there are travertines in other places, the ones in Pamukkale are really huge and pure.
Although it is not as popular as coastal cities of Turkey among tourists, it is one of the landmarks of
Turkey. We strongly advise you to visit Pamukkale. We also need to say that Pamukkale is a really
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The most important place to visit in Pamukkale is of course travertines. These wonderful
travertines were created by hot calcium deposits of the hot springs of Pamukkale. Day by day, the
deposits grow on the steep slopes and in time, they form these travertines. Turkish translation of
Pamukkale is ‘’cotton castle’’ because of the castle-like appearance and its witness which resembles
cotton. If you have a pocket Wi-Fi in Turkey, you can share these amazing things with your friends

Discover Hierapolis City Ruins

Travertines are really amazing but they are not the only place you need to see in Pamukkale.
Pamukkale was an important place for the Kingdom of Pergamon and the city was founded by King

Eumenes II. Although the city was ruined after an earthquake in AD 60, they rebuilt the city. Because of
its natural hot springs, the city was also a center of attraction in different periods of history like today.
Today, it is possible to see the remnants of the colonnaded street. At the southern end, you can see an
old Byzantine church.

Hierapolis Theater

The most important and the best preserved ruins of Hierapolis is the Hierapolis theater by far. It
has two tiers of seating and it is longer than 100 meters. The theater was built in the time of Roman
Emperors Hadrian and Septimus Severus. It is a really well preserves theater and we advise you to visit
it if you like discovering historical places.