Things To Do In Cappadocia

Thanks to its phenomenal gathering of nature's aesthetic wonder and mankind's genius,
Cappadocia is one of those uncommon spots that you must see at least for once in your lifetime. There
are many things to see in Cappadocia. First of all, you will see extraordinary rock formations that you
could not find in any other places. Moreover, there are amazing walking trails and incredible
underground cities, historical, rock-cut churches. We strongly advise you to visit Cappadocia if you want
to discover the beauties of Turkey. We know that you will need a mobile internet connection in
Cappadocia. Perhaps you will share photos or videos with your friends or you will read guidelines to
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See The Rock-Cut Churches In Göreme

Like we said above, Göreme is the perfect place to see the collaboration of human’s creativity
and nature’s wonders. There are several rock-cut churches and chapels in the UNESCO-protected site of
Göreme Open-Air Museum. Most of them were built in the 10th to 12th centuries. At that time,
Cappadocia was a kind of religious center for the Byzantine Empire. Almost all of the churches are
important but ones that you must see are Appel Church, Chapel of St. Barbara and Dark Kurch. They all
have wonderful architecture and interior design. Although the Göreme Open Air Museum is not as
popular as beaches of Antalya, Bodrum or other touristic areas of Turkey, it is a very impressive place
especially if you like discovering historical places. Cappadocia is not only important for Turkey but also
for the world thanks to its historical value.

Kaymaklı Underground City

There are several underground cities in Cappadocia that you must see. Kaymaklı is one of the
most important ones. This city was created by Hittities according to historians and archeologists.
However, the city is known for the Byzantine era because Christians used this underground city to
protect themselves from Arab and Persians attacks. There are several rooms which are connected with
each other by tunnels. Exploring those tunnels and rooms would be a great experience for you.
However, if you have claustrophobia, we need to state that some of the tunnels and rooms are really