Things To Do In İzmir

İzmir is the third biggest city of Turkey and it is also a beautiful touristic city with a wonderful
sea, beaches, historical places and green areas. It is also home to several popular holiday areas in
Turkey. We believe that you will not regret it if you visit İzmir. In this article, you can find some
suggestions about things to do in İzmir. Of course they are not enough for a city like İzmir but we tried
to suggest you the most important ones. Hope you enjoy it !

Visit Ephesus

Ephesus is a great antique city which is located in İzmir today. It is a really well preserved
antique city and popular among the tourists from different countries of the world. Ephesus welcomes 2
millions tourists from different parts of the world every year. The Ephesus city was a popular city in the
ancient times because it was located in an important point for the Silk Road trade.
The most important building in the city is the Celsus Library. The library was restored by using
the ruins of the library according to its original appearance. The library was constructed by the double
wall technique. In the Roman times, there were more than 12.000 scrolls in the library according to
historians. If you want to share the pics of this great library on your Instagram story or with your friends
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Taste the Wine of Şirince

Şirince is a small town in İzmir. It is famous for its old houses in the narrow streets and its fruit
wines. This town would be a dream place for you if you like taking photos of places or buildings with
historical architecture. If you want to post photos on the internet simultaneously you can have pocket
Wi-Fi in Turkey. If you visit yo can have a look at the options.

Shop In Kemaraltı Bazaar

Turkey is famous for its Bazaars and the most famous bazaar of İzmir is the Kemeraltı Bazaar.
There are thousands of local shops, artisans who offer you souvenirs for your loved ones. The prices are
generally affordable and the bargaining is also possible ! If you want to take a walk in the narrow streets
and buy handmade souvenirs, Kemeraltı Bazaar would be the perfect place for you.