Tourist Attractions in Antalya

Antalya is the touristic center of Turkey. Thanks to its wonderful nature, climate and the
historical atmosphere, lots of people from different areas of the world come to see Antalya. You could
swim in the Mediterranean Sea, sunbath in the wonderful beaches of Antalya and then visit some
historical places in the city. Antalya offers you lots of things to do and we can easily say that it is really
hard to feel bored in Antalya. People who visit the city for a once, always want to revisit the city. In this
article, you can find our suggestions for you if you want to visit Antalya. We also suggest you to rent a
mobile Wi-Fi device in Turkey if you are going to visit Antalya because Antalya is a wonderful city and
you can share the photos or videos you take with your friends.

Konyaalti Beach

This incredible rocky beach extends for more than seven kilometers and is an extraordinary spot
to enjoy the sun while relaxing. There are loads of bistros, café, and restaurants in the neighborhood in
case you want to eat or drink something, and you can visit the Antalya Beach Park easily which is in the
back of Konyaalti Beach. This beach park has various shady spots if you want to leave the sun for a while
to avoid tans.. With the breathtaking Beydaglari Mountains which offers you a great landscape,
Konyaalti Beach is the ideal spot to just enjoy the beauties of mother nature. In case you're feeling more
energetic, you can try jet skiing.

Visit The Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian’s Gate is an entrance gate into the historical Kaleiçi area. You can see the effects of the
Hellenistic and Roman architecture & culture when you see that magnificent gate. Antalya was an
important coastal city for Romans. Therefore, you can see Roman buildings in different districts of the
city. Hadrian’s Gate is one of the best preserved Roman structures in the city. The gate was built in AD
130 to honor Emperor Hadrian when he visited the city. If you like having a walk in historical areas, you
will absolutely love the Hadrian’s Gate. Moreover, when you enter Kaleiçi, you will see an old town from
the Ottoman Empire times. Especially, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque in the old town is an important
historical building. The interior tile work will amaze you. So we can say that, there are lots of historical
place and natural beauty to see in Antalya, and it is easy to find them if you have 4G unlimited cheapest
connection in Turkey. Please look at rental pocket wifi options in Turkey before visiting Antalya.